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Chuck ask Toni to come down and watch their practice


Chuck T. Chipperson is the main striker of Technicali

Professional Background

Chuck is a striker in Technicali with the jersey no 10 in the Super League.He is an American born player and is a helpful supplier to his team. Toni Vern often rely on him to win, while his other members of the club didn't seem bright enough. While noted to be not the brightest player in the League, he does have common sense seen when he's alert to Toni's instruction and always help the team win.


Chuck has black hair that came out from the hoodie. He is tall and has average muscular build like other sport stars and has monolid eyes. He had a white skin and wears his usual sports attire during training and match day. He also wears his club's sweater when out off the field.


He is very determined,good and helpful, always wanting to help the club and others in need. He also resents Toni's idea of always making dirty tactics as he want to win fair and square. While may not be the brightest in the Super League, he doesn't show any signs of stupidity throughout the series. He also seems to be reliable to his coach. He has good terms with his team and seemed to be in stable relationship with the opposite teams, making Toni Vern the villain in the series. Unfortunately, unlike any players, he made a debut in Season 2, Episode 23: Hypno-Test, when he is seen on board and confronting Toni after being snapped from hypnotize caused by Toni himself, making his appearance later than others. His looks are also different from the info. While seemed to be good, he also seems to be annoyed with his coach due to his lack of training them.


John J Johnson Junior

The defender of the club, he seems to be the only player to make contact with him. While Chuck is reliable, John always made a mess of Toni's invention, resulting making Toni furious with him. Oddly, John made a major scene than Chuck T himself. While both of them are in good terms, Chuck seems to be exhausted with his teammates behavior and slow learning.

The other member of the clubs

Of all the members, Chuck always helps the team to win the game. While they are on good terms, they may not be bright and fast learner like Chuck.

Toni Vern

Toni always rely on him to win and payed more attention to him than the other players. Nonethenless, Chuck always feel a bit pressured by Toni's pester and got annoyed with him for hasty conclusion, like accusing John of stealing the suits in Season 3, Episode 30: Suit Yourself. Toni relies on him so much that he named his invention with a slightly similar name, Chip T Chuckersson in Season 4, Episode 43: Roblok Wars.

The Opposite Teams

He seems to be in good terms with them and held no hard feelings.


  • Like Miko Chen, he also doesn't like to resort in cheating and wants to win fair and square. This shows that Techicali are also one of the good guys in the team, as Toni was always seen as the villain.
  • He is seen as the last hope for Toni as he always found his team hopeless.
  • He's initially on good terms with Supa Strikas as well as his other teammates.