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    Professional Information

soccer player (former), coach


In charge… issuing orders through a megaphone!

Key move

The Blok Tackle

Listen up, boys!

Coach to Supa Strikas

The Supa Strikas Coach (or Coach for short) is a major character in Supa Strikas. He is the training coach, as well as the manager of Supa Strikas FC. He is also revealed to be the former member of the team under No.11 Jersey. He is strongly notable for his tactics and his strategies. He succeeded in every position he is from Kenya


Coach wears a light grey business suit, with a white shirt and a red tie behind and black shoes, mostly what common football managers often wear. He has a medium complexion, short slicked black hair and is notably seen in his signature tinted frame eye glasses. In some episodes in season 3, Coach wears a lighter variant when training his team, which he wears a light yellow short sleeve shirt and khaki pants and wears a whistle around his neck.


Coach is like a stern father throughout the series as he takes everything very seriously. He has a mature and serious personality. Whenever his club is doing well or doing bad, he often get very happy or angry, based on how the team plays or trains throughout every episode. As a coach, he is very intelligent and knows how to manage the club at all times.