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"We're gonna find a groove that will straighten these dudes' afros!"
— Cool Joe

Cool Joe is a braziilian left wing midfielder in Supa Strikas FC. He is shown to having no problem passing through the opposition and make a good cross that good enough Shakes and El Matador. He like music and songs, hinted by his hairstyle. He owns a club and invites his team to hang out there whenever they need any downtime .He is able to score goals too. When facing Amal 3, he is seen to be quite observant, which he calls it 'eagle eyes'. He is also in a rock band that is quite popular. He loves music


  • He owns seven copies of the same song, a few of which are on old fashioned records.
  • His "Bola Kampung" counterpart is Santokh as they are both wear accessories in their hair. Santokh wears a hair patch to tie his hair in the form of a ball, which is reminiscent to the comb stuck in Cool Joe's hair.