Cool Joe Loses His Groove
Preceeded By
The Lost Star
Followed By
Dancing Rasta on Ice
vs. FC Colossus (won 2-0)

vs. FC Technicali (draw 0-0) vs. FC Technicali (rematch, won 3-0)

Cool Joe Loses His Groove is the second episode of the first season of Supa Strikas. It was preceeded by The Lost Star and followed by Dancing Rasta on Ice. A sequel in season 3 is also available under the name Cool Joe Loses His Groove - Part 2

Plot Summary

At the start of the episode, the Supa Strikas play against FC Colossus at about a couple of minutes till full time, during the match, Cool Joe performs crosses straight to Shakes and scores 3 goals during the game. Meanwhile, FC Technicali's Coach and The Inventor, Toni Vern, was planning on what song will Cool Joe play in order to modify a copy of Cool Joe's secret disc that he listens to everyday to keep on pace, rhythm and timing by planting a bug in his private room in his famous club. Toni changed his disc and ever since that Cool Joe starts to think he lost his groove so Spenza helps Supa Strikas solve the mystery.For the first half of the game Cool Joe cannot capitalise and cross the ball to Shakes or El Matador.When at half time in the 2nd match against Technicali, Cool Joe listens to his emergency disc (Untampered) and says to coach that his groove is back and says "Coach, If you're not happy for the first five minutes take me to the bench" and coach took that deal and kept Cool Joe on field because his groove was back at the end of the game Spenza arrives and explains everything.