Dancing Rasta on Ice
Preceeded By
Cool Joe Looses His Groove
Followed By
Compound Compromised
vs. FC Nakama (won 3-0)

vs. Cosmos (won 1-0)

Dancing Rasta on Ice is the third episode in the first season of Supa Strikas. It was preceded by Cool Joe Loses his Groove, and followed by Compound Compromised.


During a Supa Strikas vacation, Dancing Rasta decides to climb up snowy mountains. Back at Supa Strikas, coach is concerned that Dancing Rasta cannot lead the team to victory. At the mountains, Dancing Rasta completed the first part of the mountain, at the second part Dancing Rasta became tired but kept struggling, reaching the top but was scared by a snow leopard, losing his balance and injuring his leg. The next day, a monk rescues Dancing Rasta from fainting, and he woke up in a temple, the monk told Dancing Rasta he had fainted and his leg was injured, the monk and Dancing Rasta take a step outside, the monk tests Dancing Rasta's patience by asking him to give some food to a parrot. But Dancing Rasta feeds the parrot too fast and the parrot resists to eat it. The monk reminds him that he needs to be slow and the parrot eats it.

Knowing that he has a match the next day, Dancing Rasta manages to go back to Strikaland before the match starts, the match is against FC Cosmos . After Dancing Rasta goes to strikaland, Boss and Coach have conversations about Rasta, Rasta manages to hear the conversation silently and tells everyone that Rasta is not ready to join the match with FC Cosmos. The next day, the match was set to be raining, and Supa Strikas was ready for the match. At the match, Supa Strikas had a shaky start from falling down from the waters but after the half time, Ninja, one of the FC Cosmos strikers who knew of his injury, tackles Rasta, and Rasta cannot play. Rasta knew a strategy to complete the match and win saying that the Supa Strikas should wait patiently and wait for the oponent to make a mistake. This tactic worked and Supa Strikas won the match 1-0.  At the ending, a parrot flies away through the screen.