This is the transcript of Dancing Rasta on Ice.

(First scene on Strikaland)

Mac: Incredible scenes on Strikaland! Supa Strikas are doing wider than team everyone's talking about!

(scene showing Strikas versus Nakama)

Announcer: And Dancing Rasta is showing why he's their captain.

(Dancing Rasta doing tactic by hand)

Mac: El Matador and Twisting Tiger are both running into space.

(Scene of The Blok kicking the ball up high straight to El Matador, then passes to Twisting Tiger)

Announcer: Right to Twisting Tiger!

(Twisting Tiger stops the ball as a Nakama player runs towards him, then Tiger roars at him as he gets shocked)

Twisting Tiger: Only kidding! (kicks ball under his legs until it makes it to Dancing Rasta)

Mac: Straight to...

Announcer: ... the captain!

(Jumps over a Nakama player who was trying to steal the ball)

Mac: Dancing Rasta!

(shows a scene of Supa Strikas fans cheering and chanting, then shows scene of Shakes running)

Shakes: Whoa! Dancing Rasta's Skill is unbelievable! (Shows scene of Dancing Rasta running, then shows a close-up view of Shakes, then Dancing Rasta running)

Dancing Rasta: Shakes, mon! (Shakes running hard as Dancing Rasta kicks the ball high to Shakes)

Mac: He's going for it!

(Shakes headbutts the ball to the goal)

Mac: GOAL!!!!!!!!!

(Shakes and El Matador in their winning pose, Nakama goalkeeper seen fallen, whistle blows)

Mac: Incredible! (Shows scoreboard of Supa Strikas vs FC Nakama of 2-0 changed to 3-0) With leadership like that... (scene changes of Shakes holding the ball)

Announcer: Supa Strikas are unstoppable! (Shakes kicks the ball until the ball hits the camera and the screen is black)

[Theme Song]