Passion is everything, on de field and in life!

This fiery and passionate Spanish player is as well known for his striking abilities as well as his volatile personality and showmanship on the field. El Matador loves the limelight a little too much, sometimes forgetting that soccer is a team sport. His dream is to have a statue at Strikaland. His jersey number is 20 and his favourite food is hot spicy spaghetti sauce. He scored 38 goals. Cool Joe always states that his boots are smelly.


  • He is the most expensive player in the Super League.
  • His name is similiar with the title of the Uruguayan professional footballer, Edinson Cavani which is "El Matador", both also shares the same goal celebrating move.
  • He is the only player that is allowed to wear glasses in the Super League, perhaps due to his exceptional skill in football.
  • He loves to cook, and do salsa.
  • Occasionally helps Spenza PI in his investigations.
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