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"Hmph, child's play."
— Johann Uber's debut dialogue in The End of Dreams

Johann Uber is the Captain, Defender, and star player in the team of the tough giants, the Iron Tank FC. He was introduced during Season 1 in the episode called "The End of Dreams." He is strict, bold, and tough which makes him to be feared both by his enemies and his own teammates on and off the field.


Uber (black shirt) with Thor's (moth gray shirt) debut in Season 1 Episode 9: "End of Dreams"

Johann Uber is a German Football player who attain the role as Striker, Defender, and Captain in the Iron Tank starting players roster. He was formerly a soldier before and became a football player in an unknown time which he then sent off towards the Alps for training as an Iron Tank player in his new home, The Fortress. His first mission as a player began in his debut where he went to Strikaland with Thor in order to study the match of Supa Strikas vs. Hydra FC, he was then peeved by El Matador's taunting after Supa Strikas' brilliant performance.

When he first play against Invincible United, he is quite a rough player and manage to intimidate the whole opposition with his team causing them to have a huge winning score gap in Invincible United's home ground. This made him to be a very important character in putting fear in Shakes' mind and trauma every time they have to square off in the field, causing the latter to improve his training to the point of injury just to be prepared against Uber.

In some point of time in the season, he is now considered as the captain of The Iron Tank FC. In the second season, he manage to be picked by the Super League to become one of the chosen players for the All Stars as a Defender and manage to bring a very skilled yet brutal performance against Supa Strikas.

Uber is considered as one of the most skilled and tough players in the Super League throughout seven seasons which made him to achieve awards like the Captain of the Year due to his skilled leadership and Tough Guy of the Year due to his unyielding determination, power, and force in the field. His hardships and determination to bring Iron Tank to the top made his team to become third place of the Super League's Top Three Teams followed by Invincible United then Supa Strikas.


Johann Uber has military-cut blonde hair, blonde thick eyebrows, fair skin, chiseled face, sky blue eyes, tall height, and an overly muscular body build that made him intimidating to look at by his enemies. He has a tattoo of the Iron Tank insignia etched on the back of his right hand to show his loyalty to the club he is in.

Johann Uber (with his black Captain armband) elbowing Rizo in Supa Strikas Cuju Be Loved Part 2 comic

In the field, he wore the standard Iron Tank FC football uniform which is consist of military green, white, and red colors along with the logo of their club emblazoned on to the center of their chest. In the original Supa Strikas comics, he has the signature Captain's black armband to show his role as the Iron Tank's captain while in the TV series the armband is missing. During winter matches, the comics reveal him to wear black/dark green tight sleeves for cold resistance.

Out of the field, he wore the casual Iron Tank military green winter jacket (which resembles to a military pilot's bomber jacket), black sleeveless athletic top with military green linings, and military green camo pants that are tucked in black combat boots. In all of the episodes, it is evident that he is the only character in the Iron Tank FC to always wear military dog tags.

When doing urban espionage to destroy or take advantage against Supa Strikas, he wore a dark tight body suit with black boots and night vision goggles. While doing espionage through the snow, he wore a full-body white winter coat with a white fur hood, gloves and boots.


Johann Uber is a man to be feared both by his teammates and his enemies due to his intimidating features with his scowling or smirking expressions to his hulking musculature. He is strict, serious, and unyielding which made him to be a very difficult opponent to face on by many even beyond the pitch. He can be seen ordering around his teammates in doing their tasks of cheating against Supa Strikas and does not want anything to go wrong for their own favor.

He is known in the field to wear a fearsome scowl or an intimidating sneer on his face, if he presents himself with a malicious grin it is certain that he has a few dirty tricks in his sleeves to turn the tide around. He is also straight forward, wanting to see any progress in the things he had done both by himself and even to his opponents. He is rather impatient and does not want to see any foolishness in the field, this shows a lot in Season 5, Episode 60 "License to Coach" where he let go his positioning so that he can face against Shakes' idle stance which in return cause him to create a gap for Supa Strikas to score a goal against Iron Tank. He is also the type of player who can quickly lose his temper.

Despite the repeated cheats, Uber is hardworking and determined. This has been shown in the episode called "Icy Grip" where he is training very hard to build cold resistance when Iron Tank decided to create the greatest winter football in The Fortress against Supa Strikas. Even though that he is capable of leadership in his team, he's not one to use his head. He can only carry out specific tasks given to him by his coach. If he found that the task is not for his mood, skills, or maybe he sees that he cannot do it for his own liking or reputation, he will pass the task to his other teammates. Mostly to Thor.

No matter how much he is negative towards Supa Strikas and to other teams in the Super Leagues, that does not mean that he will be always be cross to them. He can display a bit of vulnerability in just some calm ways like how he expresses his disbelief and shock to Dancing Rasta when his team are brutally defeated against Grimm FC in the episode called "Ahead of the Game." Yet majority in the series, he shows pride, confidence, and even cunningness in his abilities no matter what cost him.



Johann Uber's relationship to Thor can vary a lot through respectful interaction to overall bullying, but they resemble a lot as teasing children. It is common for Uber to tease around and bully Thor when he got the chance, an example of this is by ordering him to imitate a frozen caveman who somehow resemble Thor's appearance which made him to be the butt of their jokes (Episode: Icy Grip). Thor is also constantly being called as "Pipsqueak" by Uber. Whenever there would be another infiltration mission that they must done against Supa Strikas, Uber will always give the job to Thor when the Iron Tank captain is lazy, bored, or if he found that the job is too "heavy" for him to handle. Despite that, it seems that Thor is the only player that Uber would go to whenever he needs a bit of comfort during a loss from their game.

Von Eye

Johann Uber's relationship to Von Eye is very limited to be shown in the series, although despite the few interactions that they have to each other Uber would become the main person that Von Eye would follow and holler around when it is about jokes. Especially when the joke is about Thor. Overall, Uber's relationship to Von Eye is in the aspect of respect and friendliness.

Ja Nein

Uber's relationship to Ja Nein is both respectful and mutual in the extent of having them together as the main duo in a particular mission that revolves around with the Tactical Division or espionage against Supa Strikas. Uber is very childish when he is around Ja Nein and would constantly tease him, hoping to see a reaction that may interest him further although he only get is Ja Nein's quirky remarks and witty retorts to not make Uber be further invested in bullying or teasing him. But in other forms like implementing the mission, they are in great team together. Uber has a respectful side to Ja Nein's abilities which made him to acknowledge his intelligence, yet he sometimes display doubts especially during the episode called "Icy Grip" where he questions Ja Nein's reasoning of drilling around a mountain in three weeks just to find something to defeat Supa Strikas. He is also express brutal criticism towards Ja Nein's works like his literature where he explains that the plot is weak, the character motivation is unconvincing, and he even stated in the end that "And don't get me started on the ending." This shows that Uber has also a professional interaction towards Ja Nein as a comrade, player, and teammate.

Colonel Von Pushup

When it is regard to Colonel Von Pushup, Uber has mixed feelings of both fear and loyalty. Due to the strict nature of his coach, Uber constantly has nightmares about him which cause him to further increase his fear towards his coach. But during in times like strategising and planning, Uber would be seriously calm around his coach and even follow out his orders to do specific tasks that can be beneficial in defeating Supa Strikas. He express genuine respect and professionalism around his coach in formal events and other non-stressing activities that does not involve his coach in yelling or ordering him.

Iron Tank FC

Johann Uber has immense loyalty and dedication to The Iron Tank FC, this is evident during the series where he already implemented the Iron Tank signature eagle insignia on the back of his right hand. This shows his intense dedication for the team. When he is around his teammates, he is entirely commanding and bossy around them when he is in or out the pitch. This can be due to his position being a general in the military where he got this strong leadership.


Uber's Strength presented by kicking the ball over the opposition's defense.

Johann Uber has a special key move and celebratory moves that can distinguish himself from other teams of the Super League. They are quite a few, but it remains to the motif of his team that represents strength and power.


Johann Uber has exceptional strength as the player for the Iron Tank, with his musculature and intimidating appearance he can take advantage to unsuspecting and unwary opponents. His strength relies a lot in applying force in his games, causing him to create fouls and injuries to those he targeted on. On playing with the ball, he has an exceptional amount of force applied when passing and shooting which can be hard for opposing players to block his shots without injuring themselves. In a defensive stance, thanks to his height and body build, he can cover an opposing player's field of vision, block supply passes, and squaring up against other players with ease which made him suitable in a defending role rather than an offensive role.


Speed is also one of Uber's greatest abilities, he has quick reflexes and instinct that can rival to opponents who are nimble in their feet despite his hulking build. The speed he only lacks is foot speed duration, this shows in Season 7 "The Perfect Match" in a picture on Supa Strikas' Locker Room when Shakes is studying about his mystery rival known as Max Power. The picture shows a tired Johann Uber as he tried to keep up Max's unlimited stamina in The Fortress. This shows that his speed can be limited.


This is the only ability that Uber lacks the most. Despite his strength and speed in the pitch, his skills are decent enough to be on par with other players in the Super League. He is less flexible enough with the ball and would prefer to use brute force instead to deal against his opponents. His skill will only be relied heavily towards group teamwork.

Uber doing the Studs Up Salute against Twisting Tiger in Supa Strikas: Rise of the Tiger comic

Key Moves

The Studs Up Salute

A move coined by the commentators about Johann Uber's sudden vicious slide tackle against Twisting Tiger. An infamous intentional slide tackle that can be dangerous to those who fell victim to it, guarantee to create foot injury to those who are unlucky to dodge it. A defensive steal manoeuvre that must be applied by exerting a large amount of force beneath the lower body of a player, which can give increase speed while sliding on the ground. Rather than having the main foot for the tackle to lay low for the steal, the player would have their foot to raise up which can cover the opposing player's kicking foot and give an intentional injury for their advantage.

Celebration Moves

Muscle Flex

A type of celebratory move that can be done in a group or individually. The player would do the celebratory move by flexing their muscles through the use of various poses or exercises like pushups.

The Smash

A type of celebratory move by having a player to jump up in the air with one fist raise up in a striking position. The player will then land down in a kneeling position and brought down their fist on the ground as if the player is smashing down a large hammer. Johann Uber would only do this move quite rarely, since this is Thor's signature celebration move.

Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS (2017)

Johann Uber has two cards available in the CLASH CARDS Set, an original and a limited edition. His original card is set to a 4-star rarity, while his limited card is set to a 5-star rarity which has a holographic colored background.

Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS: "Johann Uber" no.031 / 180 (Polish Edition)

His original card caption is translated as:

"The mighty general of the Tank. He is feared both by his colleagues and his opponents."

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 79
  • Defence: 91
  • Skill: 31
  • Speed: 52
  • Power: 93

Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS: "Johann Uber" no.177 / 180 LIMITED (Polish Edition)

His limited edition card caption is translated as:

"Captain of the Year award."

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 95
  • Defence: 108
  • Skill: 34
  • Speed: 58
  • Power: 105

Supa Strikas League Champions (2019)

Supa Strikas League Champions: "Johann Uber" no.78

Supa Strikas League Champion cards have no captions, but they have the additional information like position and overall performance rating.

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 78
  • Defence: 92
  • Skill: 74
  • Speed: 57
  • Power: 95
  • Overall: 396

His card rarity is 4 stars and has a special holographic color like the rest of the player cards in the Supa Strikas League Champions set.

Supa Strikas League Champions: "Johann Uber - All Star" no. 174

His other card which is Johann Uber in his All Stars Uniform is considered one of the difficult cards to come by.

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 87
  • Defence: 108
  • Skill: 82
  • Speed: 62
  • Power: 105
  • Overall: 444

His card rarity is 5 stars and has a special holographic color like the rest of the player cards in the Supa Strikas League Champions set.


  • He eats 16 eggs a day.
  • He has nightmares about his strict coach.
  • He used to love strudel as a kid. But when joining the Iron Tank, he had to quit eating his personal chef's specialty for good (Just Desserts; Supa Strikas' Comic series.)
  • In the episode called "The Man in the Iron Tank Mask", Uber is seen criticizing Ja Nein's work especially about the script. Telling every single detail's weakness and connections. This shows that Uber has some experience in reading / analyzing literature other than playing football.
  • He can at least do 3,000 bench presses in a single night.
  • He was a soldier like the rest of his teammates, but he has a rank. His rank was General.
  • He won Captain of the Year and Tough Guy of the Year awards.
  • As a soldier, he has skills in espionage, strategy, mechanics, and combat.
  • He is one of the characters who has two roles in the field. During his debut, he is set as a lead Striker, but furthermore in the series he is now the lead Defender of The Iron Tank team.
    • In the official Supa Strikas website, there are two instances of Johann Uber's position which in first is Striker then the final is Defender. This might be an information problem.
  • His last name, Uber, can be translated into various meanings.
    • Uber can be called as "powerful", "supreme", and "outstanding" which shows his powerful strength when playing football against his enemies.
    • Uber can be called as "over", "above", "past", and "upward" which shows his authority and reputation in his team as captain of The Iron Tank.
  • He hates the loudspeaker that was used by his coach.
  • He has fondness in funk music.
  • He has a phenomenal ability in lip-reading, which he can successfully relay messages in a 100% accuracy.
  • Uber stealing Supa Strika's GPS tracking system in their tent in the German Alps

    During his TV series debut, his tattoo is not present on his right hand. Not until in season 2 where there is now a military green outline of the Iron Tank logo present. Season 3 - current, his tattoo now has full colors of the logo itself.