'Honor & Trust'
-Miko Chen

Professional & Personal Background (Information)

Miko Chen
    Basic Information



Average Height & Muscular Built, Long Raven Hair That Reached His Shoulders, Squinty Eyes & Light Tanned Skin.


25/ 26 Years Old





    Personal Infomation

His Team, Twisting Tiger, Supa Strikas, Ura Giri


Invincible United FC


His Team, Twisting Tiger, Shakes


Ura Giri


Kind, Polite, Soft Spoken, Mature, Loyal, Honorable, Hardworking, Caring, Calm


Winning Honorably, His Childhood Friend, Twisting Tiger, Meditating & Training Hard For The Upcoming Game


His Coach's Dirty Tactics, Skarra, Invincible United, Cheating

    Professional Information



Can jump swiftly due to his size and can withstand balanced space


Striker/ Team Captain

Jersey number


Key move

The Bushido Standard

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Supa Strikas - Miko Chen & Master Ura Giri

Supa Strikas - Miko Chen & Master Ura Giri

The lead striker of FC Nakama with the number 9 shirt he always wore. He was Twisting Tiger 's best friend when Tiger was still with Nakama, as well as during their childhood days. He's a lead striker as well as the captain of the team.

He was born somewhere in Japan with his childhood friend, Twisting Tiger. They always play soccer together when they were kids until they signed in for Nakama. He did not mind as he's happy that his friend got promoted into a different team as the others but his Coach were happy for him as well.

When Ura Giri deceived the team by accusing Tiger of exposing their deepest secrets, they unexpectedly became enemies because of some misunderstanding, but that was for a short while. They then became friends again in Between Friends. He has some bandages on his legs due to an accident involving Twisting Tiger but his injuries were healed after some time.


Miko is an average height compared to Twisting Tiger but probably seen as the shortest of the Super League players. He has a well averaged muscular built due to the hardcore training he had as well as his Coach's discipline rules. He had long raven hair that reached his shoulders as well as squinty eyes that rarely been seen open unless in serious and unusual situations. He wears his usual sports attire during training and match day. He also wears his club's sweater when his out off the field.


An honorable man, he is a force to be reckoned with if angered, and will let that anger cloud his mind. That being said, he is also incredibly loyal - perhaps a bit too loyal - especially to his coach. He is also close friends with Twisting Tiger and keeps in touch with him regularly. He also has a strong mind, resulting from his meditation everyday to keep him self control for the game or practice. He also seems calm and polite when seen talking to people. Like Tiger, he is also talented and wise as well as mature. Miko is also hardworking man that trains hard to win.


Twisting Tiger

His best friend, almost a brother, when he left for Supa Strikas, he didn't mind until Ura Giri, his coach, convinced him that Tiger had betrayed Nakama by revealing their deepest secrets. This enraged Miko and his teammates. Thankfully, once this lie was exposed, they made up and are presumably still good friends. In Season 4, Episode 51: 12th Man, Tiger skype him to talk about the game, and Miko seems spooked after encounter with FC Sultan, resulting their chat to be short partly because he is still spooked or because he feared if his coach find out he talked to his friend from the opposite team.


They didn't seem close but they have good terms as seen that they didn't have hard feelings after their game and in Season 4, Episode 42: Live And Kicking, he is seen to be greeting Shakes when he arrived in the building and cheered for him when he's in trouble. Like Shakes, he dislike Skarra's dirty tactics and bad sportsmanship. After the commotion is over, and it was revealed that they got involved in a reality show, they are grateful no one got killed.

El Matador

After he and Twisting Tiger got in bad terms after the commotion Ura Giri set up in order to win, El Matador was the one who sort things out with the help of Spenza, and can be assumed to be on good terms like the other players in the opposition team. In Season 4, Episode 42: Live and Kicking, he didn't made fun of him when he made his appearance in the challenge, when he didn't get invited there. They are in good terms.

Ura Giri

While he was extremely loyal and obedient to his coach, that doesn't mean Miko have in common with his coach. When his coach deceived him, his entire club, alongside him got furious over the fuss he created. In Season 3, Episode 37: Cheese, Lies and Videotapes, Miko got tired over his coach persistent to use dirty tactics to sabotage Supa Strikas and confront him, saying Supa Strikas are worthy advisory. When his coach revealed to make a condolence letter to Coach, thus lightly suggest to use an evil scheme, Miko quickly prevent him and let him resumed to the letter, thinking it was much more safer than anything! Due to his and his teammates determination to win fairly, his Coach always seen to plan on dirty tactics without his knowing as he knew his player would object the idea of cheating.

His entire member of FC Nakama

His relationship with them are good and often helped them to keep them on top. They also are good guys and Ura Giri was the one who's the villain.


  • He is Twisting Tiger's best friend.
  • He eats rice and Sushi everyday for protein and energy
  • He knows 7 different martial arts and has samurai training
  • He is one of the rivals of Supa Strikas that doesn't use dirty tactics to win, resulting that his coach was the one being the villain.