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Riano looking forward to face Shakes

Professional Background

Riano is a player of FC Barka with a number 11 jersey number. A natural born player from Barcelona, a vibrant country. He seems to like Shakes because they have the same playing style. He used to train under Mr. Golare until he was fired because the latter was pushing Riano too hard.


He is a tall player with an average muscular build like other sports stars. He has purple-colored black hair and romantic lips, as well as having romantic eyes. He is shown to wear purple hoodie during his free time or his club's sweater during off the field. He wears his usual sports attire during match day.


He is shown to be an honest player and is not willing to use cheats to overcome an opponent, an example of which he knew what moves Shakes was going to use ( Instinct Extinct) , yet he does not take advantage of it, instead challenging Shakes and manages to see the real Shakes. He is also seen to be friendly and the only rival to have a good sportsmanship with other opposition teams, as well as his coach and his members in the club. Like others, he dislike Skarra's bad sportsmanship and dirty tactics. He is also a good gentleman.



He is one of Shakes' good friends and often seem to be in good terms, always seem cheering for each other even during their matches. While Shakes considers Riano's tallent, Riano respect Shakes' sportmanship.

Mr Golare

Because he pushed Riano too hard, he was fired by the club's boss. But some time, the two reconcile and got back on feet with Mr Golare got his job back. it was revealed that Riano used to buy him a gold fish.

The other member of the clubs

He seems to be in good terms with them and guided them casually.

Opposite teams

He is in good term with them as well


  • The first individual that didn't use dirty tactics to win, probably the only club to be good sportsmanship
  • Close friends with Shakes
  • Good terms with opposition team