Supa Strikas is an animated sports action television series about the world’s greatest football team based on the pan-African football (soccer)-themed comic of the same name, which is produced in Malaysia by Animasia Studio, and Strika Entertainment originally in South Africa.

The animated show is broadcast in the same countries and across South East Asia and Latin America, and receives over a million viewers for each episode in South Africa.

The series is produced by Strika Entertainment, a South African-based comics and animation production studio.

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Main cast members for Season 4 Supa Strikas.

It is broadcast in all Supa Strikas territories. In South Africa it is shown on SABC 1, across South east Asia on STAR Sports Asia and Disney Channel Asia, in Zambia onZNBC, in Panama on TVMax and across Latin America on ESPN Latin America. Meanwhile, in India and Pakistan, Supa Strikas can also be seen on Sonic-Nickelodeon, in Canada on Citytv, in Chile on Canal 13, in Morocco on 2M TV, in France on Orange and Canal+, in Qatar on JeemTV, in Malaysia on Disney XD Asia (previously onTV2 and TV9), in Hungary on TV2, in the Philippines on Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action) and in Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom on Disney XD(previously on ZigZap and Teletoon+).

Disney XD Africa intially aired 11 episodes of the 4th season as thirteen episodes were produced.


No. Title
40 "Field of Vision"
El Matador always wear his one-of-a-kind goggles when playing football. Toni Vern tries to sabotage El Matador using an identical goggles with virtual reality capabilities. The whole team thinks El Matador is losing it, when he starts talking to a magazine reporter that is not actually there, but the reporter is actually John.J.Johnson Junior playing around with the goggles.
41 "Dat Boot"
Supa Strikas are training to get ready against Iron Tank and their super goalkeeper. Dancing Rasta finds a way to score a super fast goal but an interference by Iron Tank's submarine causes him to lose his memory. Shakes must find out what Rasta learned while Rasta must fend off another sabotage from Iron Tank.
42 "Live and Kicking"
Shakes and his fellow winners at a Super League Award show get invited to compete on Soccer Island, which is actually a reality tv show. Skarra becomes the villain of the show, sabotaging fellow contestants and boosting the show's ratings. El Matador snuck into the show because he wasn't invited, and creates problems for the tv production crew.
43 "Roblok Wars"
The Professor create a robot in the appearance of Blok as a tour guide for Supa Strikas' museum, but Toni Vern swaps the memory chip in Roblok using his robot's chip. Now Roblok is programmed to cause injury to other players on the field, while the real Blok is trapped at the local dump. Can Shakes figure out what is happening to his friend??
44 "Scare Tactics"
Spike Dawson is at it again. He frames Big Bo for the theft of Grimm FC's sacred book of tactics, while he tries to steal Big Bo's gloves to add to his collection. Big Bo must outsmart both Spike Dawson and the Super League investigators to clear his name.
45 "Cuju Be Loved"
Shakes is returning from nursing his injury after playing against Iron Tank, but he can't get past his fear of going against Uber who caused the injury. Coach talks Shakes into taking a trip abroad to clear his head, which leads Shakes to China where he learns the art of Cuju. Unfortunately, Iron Tank has been following him around and they kidnap Shakes' trainer to learn Cuju.
46 "Klaus Encounters of the Nerd Kind"
A strange light envelopes Orion's stadium, sparking rumours of aliens helping Orion to win their matches. A group of believers enlist Klaus to uncover the secrets behind the lights. El Matador freaks out when he thinks he ran into aliens outside the stadium.
47 "El Matador Finds Himself"
After El Matador bungles an easy shot during a match, he runs away from the team. Shakes and Klaus track him down at an abandoned cruise ship full of El Matador lookalikes who worship him. Klaus thinks that he traveled through time after seeing El Matador and his "future" selves.
48 "Spinner Takes All"
Cool Joe uses four football spins to pass the ball. When the team gets invited to a motion capture studio to put their moves in the next Super League game, Cool Joe's moves are discovered by Nakama's coach Ura Giri. Nakama manage to intercept his pass in the first half.Can he come up with a fifth spin before the second half ends??
49 "Worth His Weight in Goals"
Twisting Tiger and Liquido (from Hydra FC) are the fastest sprinters in the Super League. When Hydra wins at Strikaland using Liquido's speed, the team heads to the Floating Stadium for the return match, but not before undergoing Hydra's signature style underwater training. Tiger manages to increase his speed using the training, but Liquido then sets Tiger up for a friendly underwater game, only to trap him using heavy training weights. Shakes and North Shaw must help Tiger unlock the weights before Coach finds out and benches Tiger for the match.
50 "Return to the Pirate Tower"
Supa Strikas and Invincible United will once again be facing off in the Super League Final, but this time United have a unstoppable weapon, Automatic who uses throw-ins to help United score goals. Shakes recommends North Shaw and Blok to learn defensive headers from the Battering Ram, but they arrive only to see that the Pirate Tower is now a tourist attraction, and the Battering Ram's intense training is now used for entertaining children. Can the two defenders bring back the hardcore Battering Ram, and can they overcome Skarra's sabotage???