Supa Strikas is an animated sports action television series about the world’s greatest football team based on the pan-African football (soccer)-themed comic of the same name, which is produced in Malaysia by Animasia Studio, and Strika Entertainment originally in South Africa.

The animated show is broadcast in the same countries and across South East Asia and Latin America, and receives over a million viewers for each episode in South Africa.

The series is produced by Strika Entertainment, a South African-based comics and animation production studio.

It is broadcast in all Supa Strikas territories. In South Africa it is shown on SABC 1, across South east Asia on STAR Sports Asia and Disney Channel Asia, in Zambia onZNBC, in Panama on TVMax and across Latin America on ESPN Latin America. Meanwhile, in India and Pakistan, Supa Strikas can also be seen on Sonic-Nickelodeon, in Canada on Citytv, in Chile on Canal 13, in Morocco on 2M TV, in France on Orange and Canal+, in Qatar on JeemTV, in Malaysia on Disney XD Asia (previously onTV2 and TV9), in Hungary on TV2, in the Philippines on Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action) and in Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom on Disney XD(previously on ZigZap and Teletoon+).

Animasia officially made a new annoucement that they renewed Supa Strikas for 5th in 2016.

Animasia Studio signed a deal with Strika Entertainment to produce two new seasons of Supa Strikas, an animated sports action television series which is now broadcast in over 140 countries.

Currently, the 65 eps x 20 min animation series is running in its fifth season and the production of Season six and seven is set to begin in Q2 2017.

"We are proud of the Supa Strikas series as we have seen the brand growing over the years. Our team is just finishing Season 5, and we are thrilled with the continuation of the new seasons," said Animasia Studio managing director Edmund Chan.[1]


No. Title Airdate (South Africa)
53 "Man's Island" February 4, 2017
54 "Catman & Dogboy" February 11, 2017
Iron Tank makes plans to foil Supa Strikas by making the players to lose focus and become someone else and they choose Klaus.Iron Tank makes a Fake TV Show and makes the star hero named Catman and his sidekick.This TV makes Klaus lose focus for training for the upcoming game against Iron Tank. Shakes begins to notice a changes in Klaus and finds out what making him distracted.Shakes finds out his on a TV show and in the first half Iron Tank scores a goal cause of Klaus, Shakes at half time show the team and coach that is a ploy to make klaus act like a superhero instead of a soccer player and at the end Supa Strikas win 2-1.
55 "Depth Charge" February 25, 2017
Supa Strikas is now facing Team Hydra and heading to their homegrounds in the Ocean Stadium.Laquido and North have a rivalry between each other, now Laquido uses this opportunity to face north and beat him in any extreme sports but when they play with aqua riders in the ocean North's riders crashes to the glass of the stadium.The Game begins and the owners of staduim informs them that they cannot rise up from the ocean due no sufficient power.The Glass in staduim starts to crack and water is seeping in the staduim. North and Laquido come clean to their coaches and uses the power soccer ball to generate enough electricity to power the stadium to rise to the surface on the ocean.