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"Jump off your kicking foot. And you have just one chance to make it good!"
— Shakes on the bicycle kick

Shakes is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the comic and TV series, Supa Strikas. He is the head striker in Supa Strikas FC, although this was disputed by El Matador.


Shakes is the youngest and the lead striker for one of the Super League's most well-known teams, Supa Strikas FC. Shakes is an African football player who is determined to get his team at the top, and for them to stay there. Shakes is best known for his key move, the "bicycle kick" and the Knuckleball, alongside other great achievements.

Shakes is formerly from Soweto, in the area of Johannesburg. He is the son of the previous football player for Supa Strikas, Jomo (who wore the same jersey number that his son has at present, #10). Shakes is a close childhood friend of Spenza, who is always keeping a look-out for any sign of trouble during a match. His relationships towards each of his teammates are indeed well, especially with El MatadorTwisting Tiger, Klaus amongst others.


In both the comic & animated series, Shakes always appears as the young striker with black spiky hair. He owns a pair of red Strikas boots and is always seen wearing his jersey when out on the field or during practice. He is also of average, muscular build due to the hardcore training he had before and after he entered the club. However, there are some times when he was seen wearing casual clothes during his free time or when hanging out with his friends.


Shakes is a generally friendly and an open minded guy who always helped his friends whenever they are in need. Despite these traits, he can also be analytical and cautious, always keeping a close eye on his rivals. He does not harbor any hatred towards his opposite teams but he did show dislike to Skarra's attempts at flunking his teammates almost every time they play.

Shakes also tends to be playful, such as during the time the whole team got into a movie called 'Strike Team' and they all were preoccupied for a while. He also sometimes tends to get into trouble, but he always solves the case and he always repays his team by winning games.

Shakes has a gentle approach to his friends. He gives good advice to Klaus and always tolerates Klaus's bizarre belief despite being a few years younger than himself. He also manages to tolerate El Matador's attitude and helped him despite the latter often holding him in low regard.


El Matador


North Shaw


Shakes had always been a good shot for the game but sometimes, and often gets himself into trouble. Despite his talent, Coach also shows concern and acts strictly with his players, benching them either they are in no condition to play or upon disobeying his orders. Shakes respects him and often make amends by winning the game to make him proud. Coach seems fond of him due to him having befriended his father back in his youth.

Supa Strikas FC

He has a good time working and always been helpful to his team. His friendships with his teammates are always good and equal as they all tend to work together to be the best.

His Parents

No details have been provided thus far. What is known is that he had a close bond with them and was devastated over his father's disappearance in his childhood times. That became a prominent reason why he was into sports as he wanted to maintain his father's reputation to his club. It was revealed that Vince knew where Jomo, Shakes' father, was.

Johann Uber

When Iron Tank entered the Super League, Shakes became genuinely afraid of Uber for their intimidating behavior. His fear led him to over-train himself to the point of injury. Although he managed to defeat Uber, his fear still remains as he sometimes gets injured by Uber with his emotional scar remaining in Cujo be Loved.

His Rivals

There are some equally good and bad among them. For example, he can get along with Riano, Miko Chen, Chuck T Chipperson, Don Aldo, and Liquido (outside the football world). However, other teams often try to sabotage the club and he was always targeted for their schemes.


He and Shakes are always seen to be bitter and competitive against one another. According to the rumors, Skarra was Shakes former best friend. However, when Shakes was debriefed about it with the press, it was revealed that he had known him since his childhood days and Skarra was always seen picking fights with him. Skarra may be resentful towards Shakes success and was relentless about wanting him in ruin. In the comic series, the two were seen to be extremely bitter and often being hostile whenever they meet. In the animated series, however, Shakes tends to put up with Skarra's behavior by ignoring him and focusing on his goals. He never shows hatred towards anyone, he just feels resent to the fact that Skarra always tries to use dirty tactics to win.


Shakes is one of the many talented football players in the Super League and is a quick learner. He can think out a game strategy as well as solve puzzling mysteries. Despite being caught and put through disasters from his rivals, he still manages to win games. He also seems to be observant of his game.

Key Moves

Bicycle Kick

One of his most famous move is the Bicycle Kick. He learned this trick when he was six and taught by his father.

Knuckle Ball


  • He is a reference to Wayne Rooney, having the same special moves - namely the "bicycle kick" - and has the same jersey number.
  • He is the youngest player in his club, and possibly in the Super League, besides Skarra.
  • He would always warm up to make new friends.
  • His mature side shows when he tolerate his friends' and rivals' attitudes and how he handles a case.
  • He has a fear of attaining his father's reputation and having to maintain his position no matter what.
  • His "Bola Kampung" counterpart is Iwan, as they are both the main protagonists of their respective cartoon shows and are also the leaders/captains of their teams.