Season One aired in 2010 and the series was reintroduced by Disney XD Africa in 2014 with reruns until it caught up to season 3. The series is produced by Animasia for the international release.

Supa Strikas is an animated sports action television series about the world’s greatest football team based on the pan-African football (soccer)-themed comic of the same name, which is produced in Malaysia by Animasia Studio, and Strika Entertainment originally in South Africa.

The animated show is broadcast in the same countries and across South East Asia and Latin America, and receives over a million viewers for each episode in South Africa.

The series is produced by Strika Entertainment, a South African-based comics and animation production studio.

It is broadcast in all Supa Strikas territories. In South Africa it is shown on SABC 1, across South east Asia on STAR Sports Asia and Disney Channel Asia, in Zambia onZNBC, in Panama on TVMax and across Latin America on ESPN Latin America. Meanwhile, in India and Pakistan, Supa Strikas can also be seen on Sonic-Nickelodeon, in Canada on Citytv, in Chile on Canal 13, in Morocco on 2M TV, in France on Orange and Canal+, in Qatar on JeemTV, in Malaysia on Disney XD Asia (previously onTV2 and TV9), in Hungary on TV2, in the Philippines on Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action) and in Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom on Disney XD(previously on ZigZap and Teletoon+).


No. Episode Title
1 "Dancing Rasta On Ice"
Wearing the captain's armband is a great honour for Dancing Rasta, but after a fall in the Himalayas, he is concerned about his leadership abilities. A kind monk nurses Rasta back to health, and teaches him the importance of leading with the mind as well as the body!
2 "Cool Joe Looses His Groove"
Funky Cool Joe gets into the rhythm before every game with his favourite song. But when the evil Toni Vern switches his record, the star player can't understand why he's useless on the field! Shakes puts his friend on the case, but will Spenza PI solve the mystery in time?
3 "The Lost Star"
On a trip to Rio to play Brazilian masters-of-flair, Clube Palmentieri, Supa Strikas are demolished in a "friendly" beach game. The only person who can help them is Edwin, a legend of the game... who has been missing for thirty years!
4 "Compound Compromised"
The beautiful cat burglar, Kat, is notoriously good at infiltrating high-tech buildings! Under orders from Strikas’ arch-enemies, she plants a spy bug in the Secret Training Compound! How will the team be able to counter the cunning Invincible United in their upcoming game?
5 "Blasts From The Past"
Supa Strikas travel to Mexico to confront the biggest goalkeeper in the Super League. Shakes uncovers De Los Santos’ past, and makes an amazing discovery in the big man's hometown: mysterious Aztec ruins… and the origins of the game itself!
6 "Between Friends"
Supa Strikas face Twisting Tiger's old team, FC Nakama, but Nakama boss Ura Giri releases a DVD of all Tiger's secret moves to punish him for leaving the team. Shakes asks his friend, Spenza PI to find new moves... and fast!
7 "Instinct Extinct"
The pressure is on as Supa Strikas arrive in Spain to play Barka FC and star striker, Riano. But Shakes gets some training from Riano's old Coach, Golare, which turns out to be less than helpful! Now, can Shakes forget everything he's learned to overcome Barka in the big game?
8 "Big Bo Lockdown"
Big Bo helps local prison inmates by training their soccer team. But Knuckles, a nasty convict, who looks just like the great goalkeeper, switches places with Big Bo! How will he escape in time for Supa Strikas’ epic game against Sa Ming United and the mighty FC Colossus?
9 "The End Of Dreams"
After a mishap with the bumbling Professor involving his coffee and the state-of-the-art Match Measure Machine, things go horribly wrong for Shakes’ exercise plan! Even though Coach warns him against it, Shakes steals the programme, only to get himself injured the night before Supa Strikas’ clash with the formidable Iron Tank!
10 "No El' in Team"
El Matador's selfish play causes headaches for Strikas during their match with FC Cosmos. Coach sends him to Solinesia to learn the ancient football game that is all about teamwork before their match against Hydra FC. But hopes are dashed when he is banished from the country! Thank goodness for Khin, a monk who slips Chinlon scrolls into El Matador's bag!
11 "Wolf In Coach's Clothing"
Coach's stress levels have been steadily rising... time for some serious bed-rest and relaxation! But Supa Strikas enemies realise it's the perfect time to send in a saboteur: one who will coach Supa Strikas as BADLY as possible. Vince hires a man named Krakowski to coach Supa Strikas lose against Palmentieri and Invincible United under the hard conditions.
12 "Communication Blok"
The Blok, Supa Strikas’ solid defender, speaks only his native Brislovian. He relies on visual signals to communicate with his teammates. But evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, plots to exploit this, and ensure Supa Strikas will be playing fog blind at their next match!
13 "Ball Control"
The countdown to the Super League Final has begun! Supa Strikas will fight their old rivals Invincible United. But the deceitful Vince hires Toni Vern to use a remote-controlled ball at the stadium on match day! Supa Strikas will need the help of Spenza PI to get to the bottom of this trickery with Toni Vern!