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While Shakes’ intuition and skill are his greatest assets he also works hard off the field. Shakes can’t resist a mystery, which means he acts first and asks questions later. Luckily he has his teammates and best friend Spenza ready to run backup in any situation.

Shakes is known as Shakes Mokena and Shakes Makena in the South African and Kenyan comics respectively, and as Segun "Shegs" Okoro in the Nigerian brand

This fiery, passionate Latino player is as well known for his striking abilities as he is for his volatile personality and showmanship on the field. El Matador loves the limelight a little too much, sometimes forgetting that soccer is a team sport. His dream is to have a statue at Strikaland.

Dancing Rasta is a Rastafarian who believes in peace both on and off the field. As Supa Strikas’ captain he leads his team by example, approaching every situation with physical and spiritual strength.

The smoothest player on the team, Cool Joe is identified by his funky afro and his love for groovy tunes. On the pitch he supplies perfect crosses to the team’s strikers, which have earned him the title of “The Crossing King”.

The most positive and enthusiastic player on the field, Twisting Tiger is like a tornado through the midfield. Formerly one of Asia’s top soccer talents, he’s the most expensive player ever bought by Supa Strikas. He formerly played for FC Nakama.

Hailing from the icy Brislovia, Strikas’ rock-solid defender doesn’t say much, and when he speaks most people can’t understand him. But he’s a dependable and dedicated member of his team whose "Blok Tackle" has become infamous. Being twice the size of a normal man means that on the pitch it often takes two men to take him down. When he isn't on the pitch, Blok likes nothing more than heading for the mountains, where he loves rock-climbing, snowboarding and base-jumping .

A defender. He spends his weekends catching waves and chilling out at his beach shop, where he sells everything from shell necklaces to used guitars. What North lacks in size he makes up for in speed - always in the right place when it counts. His aerial skills are unmatched.

Supa Strikas’ trusty goalkeeper is almost big enough to fill the entire goal mouth. He looks intimidating to strikers from the opposing team, but in reality is a family man with a heart of gold who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Big Bo is the great Goalkeeper to help Supa Strikas win the Super League trophy.

One of the founding members of Supa Strikas, Coach is always on hand to give his players what they need, whether it’s inspirational words or a tough training regime. He’s famous for his “unusual” training methods, his unique recipes for the team’s success. Always one step ahead, Coach's skills have been honed from a lifetime as one of the world's best players - and now he works to pass his skills on to a new generation of soccer stars. His secret training manual is the stuff of legends, and even his own players don't know what goes on within its hallowed pages.