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Super Leauge

The Super League is the world's top league for football. It is composed of numerous teams.


There are many teams in the Supa Strika World. Here are some of them:

  • Supa Strikas: The main team. Which Represents South Africa, though the team's player roster line-up is becoming more and more International. Lead striker is Shakes. Currently called, "Best Team in the World." Their coach is Coach
  • Invincible United FC: The main antagonists' team. Who also Represents South Africa, they are the meanest and dishonest team in the Super League. Their coach is Vince.
  • Iron Tank FC: The team representing Germany. Composed of former and active Bundeswehr Operatives. They live in the high mountains. They are known for tall, aggressive, and loyal players. Their coach is Colonel von Pushup
  • Club Palmantieri: This team represents Brazil. Known for the former soccer player Edwin. There type of play is titled " The Palmantieri Way". This focuses on Speed, Agility and Balance. Their coach is Edwin, a legendary striker.
  • Barka FC: This is Spain's representing team. Based in Barcelona. Their lead striker is Riano and their coach is the legendary strike coach, Golare.
  • Nakama FC: This is Japan's representing team, who plays with such discipline. It is also Twisting Tiger's former team. Their coach is Ura Giri.
  • Technicali FC: This is the team that mostly uses technology in everything. The Team represents U.S.A the United States of America, based in California. Their coach is Toni Vern.
  • Azul FC: This is Mexico's representing team. Known for the largest and the best goalkeeper in the Super League, De Lo Santos that came from the Forgotten City Qetzlqazl. Their coach is Honcho Gomez.
  • Sa Ming United: The team representing China. Only appeared in the start of one episode.(they Rarely appear in episodes)
  • Sultans FC : The team representing the United Arab Emirates their lead strikers are the triplets called the Amal-3, but got fired in the episode]]: Amal 3's a crowd. The Team appeared only once and on 1 episode only. Their coach is Sheikh Ali Zaman
  • Colossus FC: The Team representing Greece The Players are rough and tough.(one of the players tackled Miko Chen and twisting tiger causing them to be both hurt). Their coach is Nick Kickalopolous.
  • Orion FC: The team that represents France, their lead striker is Andre Meda. The team's specialty is airborne play. Their coach is crazy about space observation and exploration. Their coach is Professor Black.
  • Hydra FC: The Team who also represent France Their Stadium is floating in the middle of the sea, they cheated on the episode Tough Luck.
  • Cosmos FC: The Team Also Represents U.S.A the United States of America. Specifically, Las Vegas. Their coach is a cowboy/a hobo, their lead players are Ninja and Bolo.
  • All Stars FC: This Team represents various players in the whole Super League. It is more of a temporary team. Their captain is Skarra, this team appeared in one episode only and the Final Episode of season 2: "Bringing Down The House"
  • Lokomotiv : this team represents Russia and is very much unknown they appear in one episode against the Azul. They are considered to be one of the unluckiest players in the Super League like Colossus FC. They are good in rain-based football.
  • Cognito : This team represents England, their star player is Judge Caleb and other player is Lennon. Their coach is In-Yo who is the only female coach in the Super League.
  • Grimm FC: The team represents Romania there lead player is Vladimir Savich and coach is Coach Belmont.

Teams that don't belong in the Super League Team roster:

  • Prison xi : there only named player is knuckles who is almost identical with big bo but is a terrible player prison xi only appear in one episode which is s1 e8
  • Littleton : big bo’s old club appears in two episodes

Unknown teams:

  • The commentator Mac is considered to be one of the legendary players like Coach, Golare, and Edwin. Although, it is unknown what team he played for where he is titled as the legendary defender.
  • It is unknown what team that El Arriette used to play for. El Arriette is a legendary striker who is also known as "The Battering Ram" due to his overpowered and deadly headers in every match he played, it can be applied that El Arriette's team can be based in Spain like Barka FC.