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"Not a pipsqueak!"
— Thor while doing benchpresses during "The Crunch"

Thor is the current lead Striker of the Iron Tank FC and he wore the jersey number 17. He is known by many in the Super League as a player who has an unstoppable kick which made him a difficult striker to block by ordinary defenders and goalkeepers. He was introduced during Season 1 in the episode called "The End of Dreams." along with Johann Uber.


Thor is a German football player who plays for The Iron Tank FC and was once a member of the Bundeswehr soldiers from an unknown division and time. He was sent over to live in the barracks near the Fortress Stadium, obtained his role as Striker, and got his club's jersey no. 17. He first appeared in an episode from Season 1 called "The End of Dreams" with Johann Uber and was doing a task of observing the performance of Supa Strikas FC against Hydra FC. He was shocked when El Matador taunted them by doing a bullfighter call with his Supa Strikas jersey which made him surprised.

After that event, he was sent over along with his team to The Vice to battle against Invincible United who they crush throughout the game. He presents his strength and skill as a striker who made such fantastic goals against the home team with the help of his and his teams fearlessness, ferocity, and strength in the field. When he first arrive in Strikaland with his team in order to fight against Supa Strikas, he shows excellency in his abilities which made Supa Strikas have one of their most dangerous yet difficult matches in their lifetime in the Super League. Yet they loss the match, which made him to comfort Uber immediately.

His strength and performance in the field made him to be a favorite player of Colonel Von Pushup, making him to become one of the star players of The Iron Tank FC along with Johann Uber. He is the second favored player of Colonel Von Pushup in the team and he is considered as one of the most strong strikers in the Super League.


Thor's face in a panel in Supa Strikas comic issue: Food for Thought

Thor has tall height with tanned skin, red thick eyebrows, red walrus-styled moustache, green eyes, a chiseled face, bulbous nose, bald head, and a thick muscular body that made him to be on par of the appearance of strength with other members of The Iron Tank FC.

He wore the standard Iron Tank FC uniform of military green, white, and red with the number 17 behind his back. He once lost his favoured moustache through Ja Nein's experiment of a dose of audio-hypnotic-suggestion which made him lose hostility and panic of losing his moustache.

Thor (who is holding his chin) w/o his moustache while leaning a bit to Ja Nein in the episoee: "The Brislovian Candidate."

Outside the football field, he wore the standard military green winter jacket (that is in the style of a bomber jacket), military green camo pants that are tucked in black combat boots, black sleeveless athletic top with military green linings and he would rarely wear silver dog tags around his neck.

During formal events, he wore the standard formal general's regalia along with other players of the Iron Tank club to present their motif as a military team.

If he is in an espionage with Johann Uber, he would wear a white camo winter uniform when he is surrounded by snow or he would wear a black skin-tight suit with goggles when he would be infiltrating places like the Super League headquarters.


Thor is considered to be a calm yet feral man in and out of the pitch, he can be a bit childish and manly at the same time to his teammates and even to his opposition. These actions doesn't mean that you will slip by his mindless animalistic persona in the field, because he is also clever as a football player who can give his utmost force through his kicks and performance as a player of the tough giants.

He loves to joke around even though his jokes are kind of off putting to many and also boring or cheesy. He is also hardworking like Uber but he would faintly express discomfort at certain times, which made him to do some questionable habits and actions. But he at least tried his best for his team. He is also not the type of person who would use their brain a lot but he prefer to do things using his strength, which meant that he does most of the physical work, but that doesn't mean that he would lose his ideas of morals and common sense like not trusting to strangers. Although this can backfire once there are people who can bribe him of products that can help to build muscles.

He is a bit submissive to his superiors like his coach and his team captain that made him to do all of the heavy loads, even though he doesn't want to. He is not afraid to cause injury to others especially to the opposing team, he can be a bit brave but also a bit foolish at some times which made him to be much of the brawn of the team. He is even the type who can easily be peer pressured like the time when Johann Uber forced him to imitate the frozen cave man even though Thor knew that he will be joked around by his teammates. He also has some fearful tendencies where he is afraid at some little things that can be considered to be harmless.


Johann Uber

Thor and Johann Uber's relationship are more on to the interaction of a superordinate and a subordinate, where he is the lesser man between them. Thor would always endure Uber's teasings and bullying which made him to feel a bit hurt, yet he would still be around him despite all of the negativity he got from him. Thor always follow Uber's orders even though he doesn't want to do it because Thor has the moral capacity to understand consequences, yet he just yield because Uber is his captain of the team along as a general of their division. Overall, their relationship between each other can be considered as "superior's respect."

Von Eye

Von Eye is considered to be one of Thor's friends; more importantly as a playmate when it comes to video games in the Iron Tank submarine. Von Eye has this admiration and awe when Thor is playing around especially when he play to beat their football club's current record of Pac-Man. Despite the friendliness, Thor would always get emotionally hurt from Von Eye especially when Thor is joked around by his teammates in the episode "The Crunch" and "Icy Grip."

Ja Nein

His relationship to Ja Nein is considered to be a bit mutual, teasing, and calm. At first in the episode "Cool Joe Loses His Groove Pt. 2", he teased Ja Nein by calling him a pipsqueak due to his size but he immediately got retorted by Ja Nein's remark. Later on in the episode, he began to proudly compliment Ja Nein's intelligence when Ja Nein found out Supa Strikas weakness by slapping him behind the back which made Ja Nein to tumble over and fall from the uncontrolled strength of Thor. Further on in the series, he shows genuine understanding and respect to Ja Nein; it is probably due to common sense of not dealing foolishness towards a man with such intelligence or to some other unknown degree.

Colonel Von Pushup

Thor is very respectful and also submissive to his coach, having a mindset to follow his orders with due respect and diligence as a subordinate. He followed every command even though some of the commands have been set towards Uber and was passed to him because of some reasons. Thor also has a lingering fear as well to Colonel Von Pushup, due to his coach strict teachings and guidance to him especially when he gets a lot of exercise from his coach. He addressed to his coach by his title most of the time and would say his coach's full name and designation when he express genuine concern and displeasure.

Iron Tank FC

Thor has immense trust and loyalty to his team, especially where he went through beyond boundaries for the sake of his team despite that it can bring him trouble to the officials and also make him lose reputation further as a player. He trains with his team with all of the best abilities that he can do even if he can bring a bit of mistake in his own part, but he remain to use his overall raw strength towards his games in order to bulldoze his way in the match for a great win of his club.


Thor and other well-known Super League players have their own signature celebration moves and key moves that made them to be distinguished from other players and teammates in the field. Celebration moves happened when the player scored a flawless and skilful goal, or when their team won a game.


Thor is considered one of the strongest players of The Iron Tank FC along with Von Eye and Johann Uber which make him to be a viable player for the team as the main offensive player to get goals against the opposition. His kicks are very forceful which made him to have unstoppable shots; but unfortunately, skilled goalkeepers can be effective to stop his shots. Although, Thor has unlimited strength which makes his kicks have consistent force, an advantage to tire down skilled goalkeepers to the point for him to score immediately in the late game. He also uses his strength as a way to injure players literally in order to cripple their performance just like other Iron Tank FC players.


Thor has decent average speed in his part as a player of his team which can make him be on par against other Super League players. His reaction speed when blocking and dodging is adequate enough and his agility in the field is considered to be good enough to catch up against opponents. The aspect of his strength can cover some of the disadvantages he has in his speed.


Just like other players of the Iron Tank FC, he has a lack of skill in controlling the ball. Due to his muscular build, he is not flexible enough to do distracting solo tricks and would prefer the need of teamwork and cooperation in order to execute a better technique against his opponents.

Celebration Moves

The Smash

This is Thor's signature celebration move that is known by jumping up in the air and landing down in a kneeling position with one hand formed into a fist that is used to strike the ground which made them look like they are bringing down a hammer smash. This celebration move is performed when the player (especially an Iron Tank FC player) have manage to score a goal against the opposition.

Muscle Flex

Him and other Iron Tank FC players would always do this type of celebration move by making the player go near to their supporting crowd and began flexing their muscles in various of poses or even doing showoffs by doing exercises like pushups.

Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS (2017)

Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS: "Thor" no.32/180 (Polish Edition)

Thor's Supa Strikas CLASH CARDS card is no.32/180 and is considered to be a 3-star rarity which is an epic card for the Iron Tank cards.

His information section is translated to as:

"A giant striker with cleverness and football skills."

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 89
  • Defence: 74
  • Skill: 45
  • Speed: 52
  • Power: 85

Supa Strikas League Champions (2019)

Supa Strikas League Champions: "Thor" no.81

Unlike his CLASH CARDS card, Thor's card rarity in the League Champions set is around the 1-star rarity. A common card to be obtained from the League Champions set.

His card abilities are:

  • Attack: 89
  • Defence: 74
  • Skill: 45
  • Speed: 52
  • Power: 85
  • Overall: 85

Just like to some cards, his League Champions card has the same abilities to his CLASH CARDS card. There are no specific changes whatsoever.


  • His name, Thor, is actually a name of a Norse god of thunder who is known as the wielder of the lightning hammer, Mjölnir. His celebration, The Smash, is highly inspired from it.
  • He values his moustache just like how he values football.
    • For him, he values his moustache because it shows who he is as a person and a player.
  • He has an intense fear of mice.
  • He is not entirely good in making jokes. Which made him to be the butt of his team's jokes.
  • Johann Uber gave most of the heavy workload to Thor even if it is addressed to Uber.
  • He loves playing in the Iron Tank's submarine at the state-of-the-art tracking-device with Von Eye, which are Pac-Man and Pong.
  • In the animated series in the episode called "Icy Grip", he appeared through the snow as a walrus while he was doing pushups with other members of the Iron Tank. This joke is due to his walrus-styled moustache.
  • He is actually a kind player to participate in various charity works on behalf of Iron Tank FC like "Balls 4 All" and "Skarra's Minor Injuries for Players in the Super League Awareness Campaign."