After defeating Saming,Tiger thinks the tiger charm gives his luck.During journey to FC Hydra Floating Stadium,El Matador accidently hooks Twisting Tiger's charm and drop it onto the ocean.While FC Hydra try to cheat using descend the stadium.


Strikas vs Saming's team which Strikas becoming victorius.Tiger have scored it at the last moment.Tiger said his tiger charm gives his luck to sucess.Supa Strikas was advanced into FC Hydra and got to FC Hydra Floating Stadium.At the boat,Spenza and Shakes uses his unique language until El Matador not understand and leaves his place.Spenza meets the greatest chef in Europe.After that,Shakes and El Matador goes fishing on that boat,Shakes don't succed so El Matador try it.During he throw the hooks,the hooks stuck at Twisting Tiger's charm and then throw it to the sea.Tiger's rush into the sea but he don't get it.Cool Joe,North Shaw and Shakes get mad.

Supa Strikas vs FC Hydra,without Tiger's charm,Tiger feels he cannot play properly.Actually FC Hydra tilting the stadium so Hydra can win.They lose but they have another match.It is Spenza birthday,all the Strikas team celebrate it,Tiger thinks he cannot play without the charm.So Shakes decided to go find.El Matador,Shakes and Tiger himself go by search.Finally they suceed,Tiger's charm was under FC Hydra stadium.Soon they was detect.They was chased and got escape.

Another match Supa Strikas vs FC Hydra,while Spenza and the chef go investigate what happen to FC Hydra Floating Stadium.They soon that they tilt the stadium and give the ball hard to enter.The chef was get caught during Spenza told the Shakes using his unique language.The chef get caught while Spenza accidently drops his "shakes" onto the control center,thus making the thing damaged.The two escape.Soon Strikas team victory thanks to Spenza.


  • Coach appear in this episode but doesn't talk.
  • You can see during Spenza blow his fire out of candle his saliva splits.That's why North and Klaus duck.
  • At one time,Tiger jersey back in no 15 instead 16.
  • Spenza cannot fit into the scuba suit.
  • It is confirmed why Shakes not good at fishing,he is good at football.

Running Gags

  • Big Bo states El Matador should learn humility from Tiger
  • The ball always hit pole pitch because the stadium tilt