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"Sometimes in football, you have to score balls. I am the twister of tigers. Me lucky charm ARRRR"
— Twisting Tiger

Twisting Tiger is a former member of Nakama FC. He has great speed and accuracy. He has red hair and is all straight up, with injuries on his right arm. He is primarily a right-footed player. He is best friends with Miko Chen. He uses his technique, Body Spin most of the time as he plays with his right arm injured. He slowly became famous because of that and was chosen as a Supa Strikas player.

He is a Japanese born player that plays for Supa Strikas team with the no. 16 shirt. He is a right winger and is able to score while passing through multiple players. Owing to his individual skill, his movement across the pitch is very swift and precise.



Of all the players in Supa Strikas, he has the smallest physique. He has red hair that resembles a flame and wears bandages on his arms. He has dark bushy eyebrows and his eyes are almost always squinted.


He is a polite and philosophical man who talks to people in a very polite manner. He is also superstitious, believing his Lucky Charm helped them through all the games. Of all the members in the club, he is the wisest and patient individual, aside from Dancing Rasta as he almost never loses his cool before a game. He has a good relationship with all the members but he is shown to be close to Cool Joe as they are both wingers and train together, as well as Shakes. He is also mature among the rest of the member, aside from his Captain and Coach.


Miko Chen

The two of them have been the closest friends when they played in FC Nakama together. When Tiger got an opportunity to join Supa Strikas, they still keep in touch and Miko didn't mind until Ura Giri sends his video to Colossus and lied to the team that Tiger had told the Supa Strikas about Nakama's deepest secrets, Miko's injury. The two of them seemed to be strained throughout their first match against each other in Season 1, Episode 6: Between Friends. When Miko expressed his anger to El Matador, he quickly bring Spenza along to sort things out. The truth has been revealed, and Miko and his team are furious that their coach would do such thing in order to win for not only deceiving them, but also resulting a misunderstood between Miko And Tiger. The two of them resumed good friends and in Season 4, Episode 51: 12th Man, when Nakama was defeated by FC Sultans, Tiger used his laptop to Skype his friend to brief about the game, meaning that they still are close friends.


Tiger seems to have a good friendship with him like the other members of the team. Shakes won't hesitate to help his friend if he is in trouble.

Cool Joe

He and Tiger seemed to be the closest of all the members, possibly because they are wingers or because they both like music and often stay out of trouble.


Even though he is North Shaw's biggest rival, there are times that Liquido would target Tiger. Like in Season 2, Episode 22: Tough Luck, Hydra FC's Captain took advantage of Tiger's loss of charm and control the stadium that caused imbalance. In Season 4, Episode 50: Worth His Weight In Goals, Liquido tried to match Tiger's speed and quickly tackled him to the ground to prevent him from scoring the goal, resulting his team winning. When Supa Strikas went to Hydra's Floating Stadium for the return leg, with Shakes and North Shaw determine Tiger will with their team, Liquido sets up Tiger on an underwater game, trapping him in heavy training weights. When Tiger got the opportunity to get in the game to sort things out, Tiger tricked Liquido into slipping on the ground, instead got close to him to take the key to unlock the training weights. As a result, Tiger increased his speed than him and won the game for the return leg. Tiger even approach an enrage Liquido, only to claim that his Lucky Charm always his savior, angering him more.

Supa Strikas

Tiger had good relationships with them so far. He respected Coach and Dancing Rasta and sometimes got annoyed with El Matador's selfishness and overconfidence sometimes. He supported them whenever they are in trouble.


  • He would sometimes talk so fast that one would have a hard time understanding him.
  • He has a flame-ish hairdo.
  • He wants to become a doctor if he's not playing football.
  • He is best friends with with Miko Chen.
  • His favorite food is hotdogs.
  • His "Bola Kampung" counterpart is Azizul as they are both fast runners and have great speed in their respective sports.